2 3 “ “ José Azulay The design process begins with sketches. A design team, consisting of more than ten people, then gives shape to the jewelry in a workshop located at company’s headquarters. LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT AS A BRAND, WHAT DIFFERENTIATES US IS A UNIQUE AND FREE SPIRIT “We’re all different. Even diffe- rent depending on the day, or the time of day. That’s why each UNOde50 piece is different. I want to express moods in my designs. With the metal, whose curves reflect an infinite number of emotions, their grandeur and sacrifice. With leather, which re- presents the beginning of time, the origin of life, and nature in a primitive state. With crystals that symbolize the joy of life, positivity, fantasy, glamor. And from this mixture, the finished design emerges: a triumph of the free spirit, harmony, and especia- lly the pleasure of knowing what I create with so much soul will make many people happy”.